Welcome return to British Military Fitness

In October 2009, my housemate at the time suggested we both try a British Military Fitness class in our local park.  I can hand on heart say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

British Military Fitness run outdoor fitness sessions all over the UK.  The instructors are all serving or ex-armed forces, and add that extra element of entertainment/ fun/ pain/ experience to the classes.  It’s a brilliant concept, with fantastic instructors and sessions full of like-minded, enthusiastic members.

Since that very first class (in the dark!), I have enjoyed many exhausting, yet brilliantly run classes on Clapham Common.  Not to mention taking part in one of their 10km obstacle courses, the Three Peaks Challenge and to top it all, the Kinabalu Challenge, a one week adventure race/trip in the mountains and jungles of Borneo.

I have recently restarted my membership (after suspending it for 6 months due to a niggling foot injury), and last night went along to my second class of the year.  It had been snowing all morning, and although hadn’t settled, turned much of Clapham Common into one very large mud-bath!  The temperature was also hovering around a very bitter zero degrees, so I was impressed that both myself and about 60 other hardy souls had braved the 1930 session!

The camaraderie in last night’s class was brilliant.  The instructor was using ‘pads’, which meant a lot of upper body work, not one of my strengths.  However an hour of punching, shoving, shoulder barging and kicking after a busy day at work is a great way to let off steam!  The instructor actually said, “55, (the bib number I was wearing) I wouldn’t like to be on the other end of a fight with you at the moment!”  I found it tricky last night to run on the muddy ground.  Admittedly it was particularly bad conditions, however I think I shall try a different pair of trainers for my next session.  The fact that I didn’t end up on my bum was quite frankly a miracle.

So thank you British Military Fitness, it feels so good to be back!


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